About Us

Ty’Ra Johnson

Hello, I am Ambassador Ty’Ra Johnson. An author, visionary, prolific speaker, public figure and life strategist with a background in cosmetology for over 25 years.
I am an entrepreneur exercising the global call on my life for both ministry and the marketplace; empowering and equipping people to become the Greatest version of themselves.

Through all the years I spent behind the chair styling hair and serving women with alopecia, thinning, baldness and life issues; I was inspired to expand my brand to help women overcome hair loss, to feel and look Phenomenal inside and out.
I understand as a Pusher, Motivator and Inspirer that a woman only feel as Great as she looks and my desire is that JaCKiss is the key to unlock the Greatness that lies within the crevices of your heart.

I am Ambassador Ty’Ra Johnson founder of JaCKiss where you not only look Great but you are “The Greatest U that Ever Lived!” #AmbaTj